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In today's Singapore, Land Rover understands our customers expect something better, a better experience born from a better level of service. The On Demand commitment from Land Rover offers you the opportunity to inspect, preview and experience the Approved range, on your terms, without compromise.

With such active lives, we understand that you may not always have time to visit our Leng Kee Road Showroom to preview our complete selection of Approved vehicles. As part of the On Demand commitment, our experienced product specialists will work with your availability to ensure you have the opportunity to experience an Approved vehicle.

By simply nominating a date and time of your preference, a location convenient to you, and your Approved vehicle of interest, our product specialists will confirm your vehicle preview schedule and provide you with any additional information that you may require. It's that simple. A bespoke product presentation and demonstration designed for you.

Be it at your office or your home, you can now experience first hand the reassurance that your Approved Land Rover is authenticated, rejuvenated and as capable as the day it was born.

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